10 Secrets to Getting Over Your EX

10 Secrets to Getting Over Your EX

1. Acceptance:
Accept that it is over. Drop all hope of going back. Take time to feel the pain, the loss, and the death of the dreams you had together. The doubt is where you get stuck. Accept it ended, and if it is meant to get back, it will happen, but for now, choose to focus on you and let go completely. I ask you, how long do you want to suffer? Allow yourself only 20 minutes a day to cry or suffer. If you spend too much time crying over it, the trauma gets deeper into your psyche. Drop the pain, put an alarm if you cry or start feeling miserable, change your focus. Spend time contemplating what’s next in your life.
Practice: If you need to cry or feel sad, put an alarm. Acknowledge the pain for 20 minutes, then redirect your thoughts to envisioning your beautiful future.

Secrets to Getting Over Your EX

2. Reflect and Improve:
Write about all the ways you could have been better in the relationship. Consider how you didn’t value yourself or your partner and contemplate how you can communicate better in your next relationship.
Practice: Journal about self-improvement and communication strategies for future relationships, using this to create a new, better life instead of keep blaming yourself.

How to Getting Over Your EX

3. Forgive Yourself:
Forgive yourself for everything. Write a letter of forgiveness, acknowledging you did your best with the knowledge you had. Say out loud, “I forgive myself. I did the best I could with the knowledge I have, and now I know better and will be better next time.”
Practice: Say out loud, “I forgive myself. I did the best I could with the knowledge I have, and now I know better and will be better next time.”
4. Forgive Your Ex: 
Recognize the ways your partner caused you pain. Understand they were hurt, and hurt people hurt people. Choose to forgive your ex. Say out loud, “I forgive you. I set myself free, and I set you free.”
Practice: Use the affirmation: “I forgive myself. I forgive you. What you did or didn’t do does not prevent the unfolding of my beautiful destiny. I set myself free, and I set you free.” Imagine your ex walking away, rising into the sunlight.

Steps to Getting Over Your EX

5. Choose a New Focus:
Contemplate all the ways you can improve your life now and steps to create a new, better life for yourself.
Practice:Set short-term and long-term goals for personal development. Make a map, create a new routine.

6. Redefine Your Values:

Reflect on your changed perspective after the relationship. Reevaluate and write about your new values.
Practice: Journal about evolving values and priorities. Define your current values. Consider who you need to be and what kind of people, experiences, and connections you need to have in your life to be your best, happy, and fulfilled self. What is important for you to have the life you want and to serve yourself? Envision the ideal scenario and take steps to align your life with these values. Focus on the essential elements that contribute to your growth and well-being.
Additional Practice: Identify specific actions or changes you can make to align your life with these values. This could include setting boundaries, seeking out specific relationships, or engaging in activities that resonate with your newly defined values. Take intentional steps to bring your values to life.

7. Self-Love Routine:

Establish a self-love, nurturing routine. Redirect the love given to your ex toward yourself.
Practice: When you wake up in the morning, caress your face tenderly. Give yourself sweet love and affirmations. Before going to bed, create a ritual of loving your body. Awaken every fold with a loving touch, experiencing joy in the pleasure of your skin. If you engage in self-love, imagine it is an act of self-love. Expand love from your heart to your body.
This practice allows you to feel profound love for yourself, becoming a better lover. Focus on the sensations of your touch, realizing the amazing lover within you. Embrace the challenge, knowing that the love you give yourself is precious and healing. This practice is one of the most powerful forms of self-healing and self-love.

8. Rewrite the Story:

Recreate the story of your relationship from an empowering perspective. Imagine all the ways you learn and grow from this experience, even if you just learned what not to repeat.
Practice: Write the history of the relationship with a new focus. I become better from this experience because… and continue saying a better empowering history. Remove all the ways of victim, prosecutor, and do not blame or shame your ex. Simply, deeply understand a new empowering history about this changes everything and is the key to moving forward. Focus on positive aspects and decisions for a new, better life.

9. Have Fun:

Engage in new activities, make friends, and embrace change. Discover new aspects of yourself.
Practice: Explore new hobbies and revisit ones you didn’t think you’d enjoy. Try new things and say yes to a new life.

10. Meet New People:

Be open to receiving love again. Enter new relationships, practicing opening up, speaking up, and asking for what you want.
Practice: Practice giving and receiving love in new and better ways.


Recognize your power to attract love, respect, and support. While the journey of healing continues, embrace the miracles that have already bloomed.
Closing Thoughts:
With profound love, compassion, and genuine care, I extend my heart to you, Loving you deeply in every step of your transformative journey. ❤🌷

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