Awaken Your Senses Tantra Weekend Retreat for couples only! with Divine Kika

Bringing Tantra and Transformation to Your Event

Kika, a luminary in the realm of Tantra, offers transformative workshops and presentations that enlighten and invigorate participants. Her events, held worldwide, cater to diverse audiences, including retreat centers, conferences, universities, expos, and yoga events.
Kika’s teachings, conveyed through talks, seminars, and experiential workshops, promise a reawakening and an enhancement of lives.

Why Choose Kika's Workshops

Deeper Connections: Forge profound connections in all relationships.
Rediscover Passion: Rekindle your sense of purpose and passion.
Self-Exploration: Understand your relationship with yourself and the world.
Enhanced Intimacy: Experience more love and intimacy.
Spiritual Growth: Grow spiritually through Tantra wisdom.

Popular Booking Options:

1. Intensive Weekend Workshops: Two 6-hour sessions for in-depth exploration.
2. Mini Intensive Workshops: Two 3-hour sessions for exploring multiple topics.
3. Seminars: 90-minute to 2-hour presentations on specific subjects.


  • Kika typically requires 60% of registration fees and profits from her product sales, plus travel expenses.
  • Fees for Mini Workshops start at …, and for Intensive Workshops start at ….
  • For private sessions, calculate Kika’s time at … per hour, plus travel and room expenses.

Private Tantric Coaching Sessions:

– Kika offers private sessions booked in advance or during your event.
– Private sessions are available on the Friday before, days after, or during the event.
– Kika charges … for private sessions at your event.


– Kika prefers clean, safe, comfortable, and private accommodations.
– Expenses to be covered include airfare, transportation, event costs, lodging, meals, and marketing.

Event Time Limits:

– Sessions are limited to 6 hours per day.
– Private sessions must be in a safe and comfortable setting.

Book Kika as a speaker for your event and elevate your audience's journey towards profound growth, joy, and fulfillment.
How to Book Kika
  • Kika is available for travel worldwide.
  • A typical workshop is two sessions, each lasting 3 or 6 hours, customizable to fit your event.

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