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Tantra Retreat Brazil

Tantra Retreat Brazil 2024
For Couples, Singles and Groups

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime escape to paradise? Join our transformative Tantric retreat in Bombinhas, Brazil, where the allure of crystalline blue waters and untarnished white sands transcends your imagination.

Tantra Mastery

Dive into the profound practices and healing rituals of Tantra, empowering you to connect with yourself and your partner on a profound level

Tantra Mastery

Unleash the power of balanced chakras and let prana flow freely, confronting your emotions, desires, and fears with unwavering support


Learn to love yourself unconditionally, fostering openness to others and rejecting societal taboos

A Haven of Tranquility and Beauty

Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes of Bombinhas, Brazil, where this retreat goes beyond relaxation—it’s an opportunity to unwind, reconnect, and explore your inner world

Path to Pleasure

Navigate the journey to pleasure with simple yet effective techniques, harmonizing external beauty with your internal exploration

Empower Your Life

Bid farewell to past burdens, strengthen your inner resolve, and experience the beauty of connection, love, and self-acceptance

Tantra Retreat Brazil

Healings and Ceremonies

  • Welcome ceremony Friday night with a safety talk
  • Understanding the History of Tantra
  • Breaking through guilt, shame, and old concepts around sexuality; embracing consent, sacredness, deep love, and intimacy
  • Building the Foundation of Tantric healing arts and learning the energetics of your body
  • Committing to generating safety for yourself and the group
  • Awakening your inner lover through practice
  • Chakra cleanse practice
  • Anchoring ecstatic moments in your heart
  • Meditation to set the tone for a wonderful weekend
  • Embracing the bliss that you are
  • Morning hip yoga to open your hips and prepare you to receive and give more pleasure
  • Sexual affirmations to remove sexual trauma or guilt and shame, embracing sacredness, love, respect, and consent
  • How to give and receive energy
  • Sensual massage techniques for the back, legs, glutes, and pelvis
  • Releasing tension in the shoulders and glutes
  • Opening the gates in the belly
  • Breast massage and opening the heart
  • Evening practice: Learning to massage your partner’s energetic body, awakening energetic bliss and pleasure
  • Heart opening ceremony with a cacao ceremony to open and heal the heart, allowing Bliss to be part of you
  • Opening dance and meditation, cleansing and awakening the chakras
  • Foundations of unique massage basics
  • Afternoon foundations of the lingam massage
  • Understanding the meaning of a Tantric healer
  • Massage practice ritual ceremony for women to receive
  • Dinner
  • Closing ceremony ritual
7 Days of Activities

This week workshop will provide you with a deep and transformative experience in the world of Tantra

  • Classes, practices, meditations, and tours
  • Daily Yoga and Healing Sessions
  • Breakfast Included
  • Welcome Dinner and Last Night Dinner
  • Airport Transfer to Retreat Location
  • 1 Full Body Massage
  • 30-Minute Pre-Retreat Tantra & Relationship Coaching Call
  • 60-Minute Post-Retreat Integration Call on Zoom
  • Discounted Coaching Packages
  • Gift Bag Upon Arrival
  • Spring Water and Teas
  • Snacks/Fruits and Exotic Brazilian Food Treats
Join us for this incredible journey of self-discovery, love, and bliss.

We will explore profound practices, healing rituals, and empowering techniques that will help you connect with yourself and your partner on a profound level.

Let’s embrace the power of Tantra together!
With Divine Kika

This week workshop will provide you with a deep and transformative experience in the world of Tantra.
Your Best Vacation
Awaits in Paradise!
Options to Explore
The Best Trails in the Region
  • Morro do Macaco Trail
  • Costeira de Zimbros Trail
  • Tainha Trail
  • Sepultura Trail

Refreshing Waterfall: Refresh yourself at Zimbros Waterfall. Be enchanted by the relaxing sound of waterfalls as you discover hidden crystal-clear waterfalls amidst the forest. Enjoy moments of tranquility and renewal amidst natural beauty.

Specialized Guides: Our local guides are passionate about the region and dedicated to sharing their knowledge of Bombinhas’ history, ecology, and culture. They will provide valuable information during the journey, making the experience educational and engaging.

Environmental Sustainability: We are committed to environmental preservation, encouraging sustainable practices and promoting environmental awareness. Our attraction seeks to balance exploration and preservation, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy these natural wonders.

Price Promotions
Embark on the Ultimate Escape

For Singles

Tantra Brazil Retreat
$ 1950
  • 20% OFF - Bring a Friend Discount
  • Transformative Retreat
  • Location: Bombinhas, Brazil
  • Journey of Self-Discovery:

For Couples

Tantra Brazil Retreat
$ 3800
  • Package Duration: 7 days
  • Transformative Activities
  • Daily Yoga
  • Delicious Meals
  • Airport Transfers
  • Full-Body Massage
  • Coaching Calls
  • Delightful Gift Bag
  • Enchanting Experience
  • Extra nights accommodation
  • Lunch/dinner
  • Airport transfers
  • Cost of the retreat does not include airfare
Optional Activities
  • Massage Treatment
  • Extra excursions or tours
This week workshop will provide you with a deep and transformative experience in the world of Tantra.
Join us for
Incredible journey of self-discovery, love, and bliss
This weekend workshop will provide you with a deep and transformative experience in the world of Tantra.
We will explore profound practices, healing rituals, and empowering techniques that will help you connect with yourself and your partner on a profound level.
Let’s embrace the power of Tantra together!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tantra Brazil Retreat?

The Tantra Brazil Retreat is a transformative experience in Bombinhas, Brazil, combining profound Tantric practices, healing rituals, and empowering techniques for individuals and couples.

Who is the retreat suitable for?

The retreat is open to singles, couples, and groups looking for a once-in-a-lifetime escape to paradise. Whether you're new to Tantra or have some experience, all are welcome.

What activities are included in the retreat?

The retreat offers a diverse range of activities, including Tantra Mastery, Chakra Alignment, Tantric Massage Week, and various sessions on self-love, empowerment, and connection.

What is the duration of the retreat?

The Tantra Brazil Retreat spans 7 days, filled with classes, practices, meditations, tours, daily yoga, and healing sessions.

Where is the retreat located?

The retreat takes place in the picturesque landscapes of Bombinhas, Brazil, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and enchanting trails.

What is included in the retreat package?

The package includes 7 days of activities, daily yoga, breakfast, welcome and last night dinners, airport transfer, full-body massage, coaching calls, a gift bag, and more.

How much does the retreat cost?

The price for the Tantra Brazil Retreat is $1950 per person, inclusive of various amenities. Additional options such as extra nights, meals, and airport transfers are available as add-ons.

Is airfare included in the retreat cost?

No, airfare is not included. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Bombinhas, Brazil.

Can I join the retreat alone, or is it better for couples?

Absolutely! The retreat is designed for individuals and couples alike. It's a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone to explore Tantra and personal growth.

How do I secure my spot for the Tantra Brazil Retreat?

To secure your spot, click on the 'Book Now' button on the website. Limited spots are available, so don't miss out on this transformative experience!
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