Escape to a Tantra Retreat for Couples

Private Tantra retreat in 2023
Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to embark on a private Tantra retreat, tailor-made just for you. Step into a world of passion, connection, and personal growth as you embrace the transformative power of Tantra. 

Tantra retreat for couples

Private Tantra retreat for couples, custom made just for you!

One Day Retreat Getaway:
Immerse yourself in a day of blissful exploration and deep connection. This exclusive experience is tailored to your specific preferences, allowing you to dive deep into the realms of Tantra and experience its profound effects firsthand. (Travel and accommodations not included.)
Weekend Retreat Getaway:
Escape the demands of everyday life and embark on a transformative weekend retreat. Indulge in a sacred journey of Tantra, unlocking new levels of pleasure, intimacy, and self-discovery. This immersive experience is designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, leaving you refreshed and inspired. (Travel and accommodations not included.)
Weeklong Immersion:
For those seeking a comprehensive and life-changing experience, our weeklong immersion is the ultimate opportunity for profound transformation. This immersive retreat provides a deep dive into the practices of Tantra, allowing for a profound shift in your relationship with yourself and your partner. (Travel and accommodations not included. Advanced arrangement and approval required.)

Exclusive Private Tantra Retreat for couples in Magical Maui

Imagine a journey to the paradise of Maui, where love and transformation converge in perfect harmony. I invite you to join me on a deeply captivating and soul-stirring adventure an invitation designed exclusively for you.
As you step foot on this enchanted island, a wave of tranquility washes over you, releasing any burdens that may have weighed upon your heart.
Maui, with its mystical allure and magnetic energy, holds the key to unlocking your truest potential in love and connection.
Exclusive Private Tantra Retreat for couples California
Embark on a transformative journey of love, intimacy, and self-discovery with Divine Kika in California’s idyllic havens. Choose the perfect backdrop for your Tantra retreat, tailored exclusively for you and your beloved.

Choose Your Haven:

– Mount Shasta
– Palm Springs
– Big Sur
– Carmel
– Santa Cruz
– Lake Tahoe
– Napa Valley
– San Diego
– Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown
Your Extraordinary Love Story Awaits – Choose Your Tantra Retreat Destination Today!
Tantra Retreats New York
In the heartbeat of the concrete jungle, where dreams are made, Divine Kika’s Tantra Coaching and Retreats take root. Join the transformative journey of love and self-discovery as we delve into the heart of New York City, where passion, connection, and personal growth converge in the realm of Tantra.
Exclusive Private Tantra Retreat for couples in Tulum.
Embark on a soul-stirring journey to the mystical realm of Tulum, where the ancient wisdom of Tantra meets the transformative power of the new earth. This is your invitation to dive deep into the depths of your being, reconnect with your true essence, and awaken to the life you’ve always yearned for.
Guided by a powerful Tantra master, this is not your ordinary workshop or yoga retreat. It is a sacred pilgrimage, a profound experience that transcends dimensions and propels you into a higher state of consciousness. Prepare to activate your Kundalini energy, unlocking new codes for this transformative era. Ascend to the realms of 5D consciousness, where you will traverse through dimensions and forge a profound connection with your higher self.
Exclusive Paradise Private Tantra Retreat for couples in Brazil
Escape to the breathtaking beauty of Brazil for a life-changing retreat unlike any other. Join me on a transformative journey in Bombinhas, one of the most stunning places on Earth. This is your opportunity to indulge in divine celebration, sensual pleasure, and the enlightening discovery of Tantra.
Immerse yourself in the tropical paradise of Brazil, breathing in the sweet air and basking in the warm sunlight. Let the magic of this land rejuvenate your soul and guide you towards personal fulfillment, whether you embark on this retreat with your partner or on your own. As your guide, I will show you the hidden gems of Brazil and help you create and expand a life of love and joy.
Reignite Your Relationship
Create your very own private Tantra retreat, custom made just for you!
Immerse yourselves in a variety of exquisite services, meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs and desires as a couple
Guided Meditation: Embark on a transformative journey of profound relaxation and inner harmony. Let the serenity of guided meditation deepen your connection and create a sense of oneness that transcends the ordinary.
Intimate Conversations and Personal Coaching: Engage in heartfelt conversations and receive personalized coaching to unlock the full potential of your relationship. Discover new pathways to growth, understanding, and fulfillment as you communicate on a deeper level.
Tantric Delights: Awaken your senses to the captivating world of tantric practices. Through breath, movement, sound, and visualization, ignite desire, enhance intimacy, and deepen your spiritual and physical bond. Explore new dimensions of pleasure and connection together.
Revitalizing Yoga and Pranayama: Experience rejuvenation and healing through tailored yoga classes and revitalizing pranayama exercises. Strengthen your bodies and souls, finding balance and alignment that nourishes your relationship.
Essential Massage Mastery: Discover the art of giving and receiving essential and sensual massages, creating a sacred space of profound connection and intimacy. Learn to pleasure your partner like never before, igniting passion and deepening your sensual bond.
Nourish Your Bodies and Souls: Custom-create a program of healthy nutrition, supplements, and diet plans that support your physical, emotional, and hormonal well-being. Unlock the secrets to ultimate vitality, pleasure, and the awakening of your sexual energy as a couple.
Release Limiting Beliefs: Let go of outdated patterns and beliefs that hinder your growth. Through coaching sessions, break free from limitations and embrace a new chapter of love, fulfillment, and expansion. Build a foundation of trust, understanding, and acceptance.
Energy and Chakra Balancing: Experience a transformative session focused on harmonizing and balancing your energy centers. Tap into the vital life force within you and revitalize your connection at a profound energetic level, aligning your spirits and deepening your bond.
Perception-Shifting Walks: Embark on guided walks amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Allow the breathtaking scenery to shift your perception, opening new possibilities and expanding your horizons as a couple. Discover the power of connection in the embrace of the natural world.
Create profound shifts in your love life and relationships.
deep intimacy, empowered connection, have the fulfillment you've been longing for.
Experience the Extraordinary: Create a Lasting Relationship
Are you yearning for a deeper connection with your partner? Do you desire a passionate and fulfilling love life that leaves you both feeling truly seen and desired? Look no further—Master Kika’s private retreats will provide you with the tools and guidance to create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.
During these transformative retreats, Kika will empower you to unlock the secrets of deep, intimate connection. Through her expertise in Tantra and love coaching, she will guide you on a journey to reignite the flame of desire and create a love life that exceeds your expectations.
Discover the art of seduction and communication that will captivate your partner’s attention. Learn how to express your desires, fantasies, and needs openly and authentically, fostering a safe space for both of you to explore and satisfy each other’s deepest desires.
Through Kika’s teachings, you will tap into the power of Tantra to infuse your lovemaking with passion, pleasure, and intense connection. You will learn techniques to heighten your sensual experiences, expand your capacity for pleasure, and create an intimate bond that transcends the physical realm.
Imagine the joy and fulfillment of experiencing a love life that leaves you and your partner feeling fully seen, desired, and cherished. With Kika’s guidance, you will navigate the intricacies of relationships, cultivate emotional intimacy, and create a lasting bond built on trust, love, and passion.
Don’t settle for a mediocre love life that leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Embrace the opportunity to reignite the spark and deepen the connection with your partner. Kika’s private retreats are your gateway to experiencing the love, attention, and fulfillment you truly crave.
Apply for a private retreat with Master Kika today and embark on a journey of love and intimacy. Rediscover the passion, desire, and attention that will transform your relationship into a haven of love and connection. The love life you’ve always longed for is within your reach—seize this opportunity to make it a reality.
What You Can GET as a Couple When You Join a Retreat with DivineKika?
Embarking on a retreat with DivineKika is not just a getaway; it's a transformative journey that promises profound changes in your life and relationship. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

1. Heal from Past Relationships:
Release emotional baggage and wounds from past relationships, fostering a renewed sense of freedom and emotional well-being.

2. Regenerate and Rediscover:
Embrace the opportunity to regenerate, integrate, and reestablish who you are, realigning with your authentic desires and aspirations as a couple.

3. Clarity on Desires and Evolution:
Gain clarity on your deepest desires, passions, and values, while understanding how you’ve evolved as individuals and as a couple.

4. Reflect and Set Intentions:
Review your journey, create a roadmap to manifest your shared desires, and set meaningful goals and intentions for your life together.

5. Empowered Narrative:
Discover your new healed selves and rewrite your history in an empowering way, creating a positive narrative for your shared future.

6. Recognize Inherent Worth:
Recognize and appreciate each other’s inherent value and worthiness, fostering self-acceptance and mutual self-love.

7. Life’s Purpose Redefined:
Explore and redefine your shared life’s purpose, aligning it with your authentic selves and creating a sense of fulfillment and meaning.

8. Set Higher Standards:
Raise your standards as a couple, empowering yourselves to seek and receive the best in all areas of life.

9. Effective Communication:
Learn how to communicate your needs and set boundaries gracefully, fostering healthier and more supportive relationships.

10. Empowered Mindset:
Shift from a complaining mindset to an empowered, assertive mindset, taking charge and responsibility of your shared destiny.

11. Collaborative Leadership:
Move from being controlling to enrolling others to support your shared mission, fostering collaboration and inspiration.

12. Unleash Inner Power:
Become powerful as a couple, unleashing your unique strengths and abilities for mutual growth.

13. Power of Support:
Discover that you don’t have to do it all alone—surround yourselves with a community of like-minded couples who uplift and encourage you.

14. Empowered Choices:
Prime yourselves for a powerful life where you are in the driver’s seat, making empowered choices aligned with your shared desires and values.

15. Discerning Connections:
Choose wisely the people you let into your shared life, developing discernment and cultivating a supportive network of allies.

16. Deepen Intimacy:
Learn how to expand joy, create more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within your relationship.

17. Understanding Sexual Energy:
Deepen your understanding of your sexual energy, tapping into its power for vitality, creativity, and pleasure.

18. Establish Healthy Boundaries:
Live a life where you are respected and well-loved by establishing healthy boundaries and cultivating relationships that honor and value your shared journey.

19. Experience Power, Love, and Freedom:
Embrace the transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment, stepping into a life filled with personal power, love, and the freedom to be authentically you, both as individuals and as a couple.

20. Set Intention for Your New Life:
Clarify your shared vision and set intentions for the vibrant new life that awaits both of you.

21. Connect Like Never Before:
Forge a deeper connection with your partner, surrendering fully into love and experiencing a bond stronger than ever before.

22. Rediscover Passion, Love, and Intimacy:
Embrace a rebirth of passion, love, and intimacy, revitalizing your relationship with newfound energy.

23. Feel Revigorated and Ready for the Future:
Emerge from the retreat revitalized, energized, and ready for a bright, beautiful future. Feel loved, wanted, accepted, and safe as you speak your truth, are heard, seen, and understood. This is the vision we have for you, and your new life awaits!

DivineKika's mission is to guide you to "Discover Your Extraordinary Bliss"
Divine Kika’s mission is to guide you on a path of self-discovery, empowering you to cultivate fantastic relationships, especially the one with yourself.
Through seminars, retreats, personal coaching, and sacred sexuality practices, Divine Kika will help you open your heart, connect with your authentic self, and experience deep love and bliss in all aspects of your life.

Divina Kika as seen in:

Producer and Host of TANTRA LOUNGE SHOW on ROKU TV

#1 International Bestselling author and Tantra master
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It is your time to Unleash Your Potential, Ignite Passion, and Embrace Sensual Bliss with Divine Kika’s Transformative Tantra Coaching. 

"Divine Kika's coaching transformed our relationship. We reignited the passion, healed old wounds, and deepened our connection. Her guidance is a gift to any couple seeking a fulfilling and passionate relationship."

Victoria and Berry Couples Coaching

"Divine Kika's coaching empowered me as a woman. I embraced my feminine power, attracted the right partner, and rediscovered my sensual essence. Her wisdom in Tantra is life-changing."

Jen Williams Woman Coaching

"Divine Kika's coaching transformed my love life. I broke free from limiting beliefs, healed past wounds, and effortlessly attracted meaningful connections. Her teachings are a powerful catalyst for singles seeking love."

John kaufman Singles Coaching

"Divine Kika's coaching led me on a transformative journey. I discovered my purpose, gained self-confidence, and embraced my true power. Her guidance is life-changing and empowering."

Joey Patterson Individual Coaching

"Words cannot express the profound impact this retreat had on our relationship. We emerged with a renewed sense of love, passion, and understanding. It was truly life-changing."

Sarah and John Privite Retreats
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