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Tantra Match for Singles

Ignite Conscious Connections

Tantra Match for Singles
Your Path to Empowered Love Life

The “Tantra Match for Singles” event offers an exquisite experience that seamlessly blends sacred ritual with interactive engagement. This event provides participants with a remarkable opportunity to establish connections on multiple levels — emotionally, energetically, and spiritually — while fostering a profound sense of unity and self-discovery.
At the heart of this event is the Interactive Puja Ceremony, a sacred ritual derived from Tantra. This ceremony involves honoring and connecting with the divine essence within oneself and others, signifying reverence and gratitude. In our event, the Puja ceremony is skillfully adapted to craft a distinctive and interactive encounter exclusively for singles.

Tantra Match for Singles

Are you ready to unlock your inner power, heal your relationships, and thrive? You must take this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience. 

Join us for an empowering journey at the
Tantra Match for Singles.
Limited spots available. Secure your place now for “Tantra Match for Singles” and embrace a journey of empowered love and connections.

Tantra Match for Singles

Embark on a transformative journey towards empowered love and authentic connections! 

Join us for an event that will awaken your senses, heal your heart, and guide you towards profound relationships.
What to Expect in a Tantra Match event:
– Registration and Agreement Form: Singles participants sign up and agree to the guidelines and privacy policies.
– Welcome and Facilitator Introductions: Introduce the event hosts and their backgrounds.
Session 1: Setting the Stage
– Seating and General Information: Guide participants on seating arrangements, location facilities, and essentials like water and tea.
– Overview of the Schedule: Briefly explain the event schedule to set participants’ expectations.
Session 2: Embracing Your Authentic Self
– Setting Intentions: Explain the significance of intentions and guide participants to set their personal intentions for the event.
– Animal Dance: Lead participants in an Animal Dance, encouraging them to embody different animals through movement, fostering self-expression and playfulness.
Session 3: Crystalline Connection
– Crystal Necklace: Singles line up for a crystal necklace, symbolizing their commitment to the journey.
– *Meditation:* Guide participants through a meditation to connect with the crystal, set intentions for self-love, and promote mindfulness.
Session 4: Letting Go and Manifesting
– Let Go Process: Singles write down what they wish to let go of and what they want to manifest.
– Visualization and Release: Guided visualization where participants release what they wish to let go of, and visualize their desired manifestations.
– Fire Ritual: Singles burn the written notes representing what they want to release.
– 15-Minute Break: Allow participants to refresh and reflect on the previous activities.
Session 5: The Puja Ceremony of Heart, Power, and Sensual Centers
– Interactive Puja Ceremony: Engage participants in a sacred Puja ceremony, creating a circle of stations where each person greets another at each station. Each station focuses on aspects of heart power and sensual centers, encouraging the expression of feelings, opening, and connection in a safe environment. Embody self-love and the divine within.
Session 6: Balancing the Energy Centers
– *Chakra Balancing:* Explain the significance of each chakra. Guide singles through a chakra dance to balance their energy centers and enhance self-awareness.
Session 7: Embracing Intimacy
– *Intimacy Workshop:* Facilitate a workshop on building intimacy and connection.
– *Connection Activities:* Organize activities designed to help singles connect on a deeper level.
Session 8: Tantric Exploration
– *Tantric Practices:* Introduce Tantric principles of connection and sacredness.
– *Partner Activities:* Engage singles in partner-based activities focused on conscious touch and communication.
Session 9: Embracing Wholeness
– *Self-Love and Empowerment:* Facilitate discussions and exercises promoting self-love and empowerment.
– *Group Meditation:* Conclude with a collective meditation to provide healing and support. Allow singles to share their experiences and insights with the group.
This event provides a unique experience for singles, focusing on self-discovery, connection, and empowerment. Enjoy participating and bring your friends to the event!
Don’t settle for an ordinary relationship when the extraordinary is within your reach. Claim your spot today on the Tantra Match for singles and unlock the power of Tantra to revitalize your love, create soulful connections, and experience mind-blowing passion.
Here's a glimpse of what to anticipate:
Circle of Stations: Participants form a harmonious circle, with a central space featuring various “stations.” Each station embodies an aspect of the heart, power, and sensual centers, symbolizing diverse emotions, energies, and qualities intrinsic to us.
Greeting at Each Station: In a clockwise manner, participants move from one station to the next. At each station, they engage with another participant stationed there. This interaction may involve a simple greeting, a shared intention, or even a moment of eye contact.
Focus on Aspects: Every station is dedicated to a specific aspect. For instance, one station may embody heart-centered sentiments like love, compassion, and empathy. Another might signify personal power and confidence, while a third could encapsulate sensuality and the connection to our sensory experiences.
Expression and Connection: As participants greet each other at every station, they are offered an opportunity to express and connect with the specific aspect symbolized by that station. This interaction may manifest through a brief exchange of thoughts, a shared sentiment, or even a silent acknowledgment.
Creating a Safe Environment: The ceremony unfolds within a safe and respectful space, encouraging participants to engage genuinely and vulnerably with the stations and fellow participants alike. This environment fosters authenticity and supports participants as they open up and connect.
Embodying Self-Love and the Divine: The Interactive Puja Ceremony as a whole serves as a practice in embodying self-love and recognizing the divine essence present within oneself and others. By centering on distinct aspects of the heart, power, and sensual centers, participants are invited to connect deeply with their inner selves and acknowledge the innate beauty and divinity within.
In essence, the “Tantra Match for Singles” event promises an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, genuine connections, and a profound sense of empowerment within
What You Can Experience in a Tantra Class

 Group Tantra Classes are offered periodically and are available for both singles and couples. These classes honor the great diversity and spectrum of sexual orientations. All are welcome.

Tantra Match for Singles

Are you ready to unlock your inner power, heal your relationships, and thrive? You must take this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience. 

Join us for an empowering journey at the
Tantra Match for Singles!
Limited spots available. Secure your place now for “Tantra Match for Singles” and embrace a journey of empowered love and connections.


Global Tantric Community

We are a global community.

Join us! These events are open to beginners and advanced students, and for individuals and couples.

We are glad you are joining us for this fun, sexy, and yummy class on how to create a lasting love-life you love. Be prepared to have your eyes-opened, heart-awakened and mind-expanded.


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