How to learn Ejaculation Control

How to learn Ejaculation Control and Become the multiorgasmic man

Who is always satisfied and always want more!
There is a pervasive myth that says ejaculation and an orgasm are one in the same. They are not. In fact, there have been many scientific studies done to measure the difference between them.
Ejaculation is the release of semen through what is referred to in scientific circles as a simple reflex action. An orgasm, on the other hand, is recognized by science as a neurological occurrence that creates a heightened and measurable experience of pleasure, which has its own unique release of energy. 
How does this correlate to a more intimate and deeper connection with your partner? When you are able to release yourself from the need to ejaculate with every sexual experience, you will connect more confidently with your partner and be able to make love longer, so you can deepen your connection with more satisfying sex.
The notion,however, that a man needs to make love for a very long time in order for a woman to be satisfied is not always true. Actually, some women can come to orgasm rather quickly – others can take a long time.

What is the benefit to your partner when you don’t ejaculate?

You became more present for her, whereby you are more capable of connecting 
deeply and enhancing both of your experiences. When you make the choice to not ejaculate, you can more consciously surrender into love and sexual pleasure. This is because you are able to give more, which expands you and your partner’s feelings and emotions to higher levels. 
With a heighten exchange of feelings and emotions, your ability to remain present also fosters deeper trust and intimacy with you and your partner. One very important side-effect of this is that you will develop more sensitivity and will be less angry and more in your heart.   

First wave of Ejaculation

Before we go further into the techniques and practices for ejaculation control, there are a few things I want us to review again regarding the energy between a man and a woman. 
The man needs to follow the woman energetically. When the man can slow down and synchronize his energy body with his woman’s energy body they will be in blissful harmony together.  
The first wave of ejaculation control is just physical. After 40 minutes of lovemaking, including the foreplay and so on, there is a deepening of the energy. After 10, 15, or 20 minutes into the lovemaking, a woman is just starting to connect deeply with her energy body.
The man’s physical body is masculine and the woman’s is feminine. The first layer of the chi is the physical body. Once you cross over into a deeper level, you experience a constant love feeling – orgasmic; you’ve crossed over to a deeper connection.
As you go through the second energy doorway to a deeper connection, the heart starts to come open. At the heart level is where you start feeling a sense of love for each other with increasing waves of energy.

Cycling Sexual Energy for Ejaculation Control

When making love to yourself (or with a partner) it is important that you know how to slow your breath. In my book “Tantric Sex, Love & Relationships for the Modern Man” and my new online course, “Tantric Sex for the Modern Man” I cover the importance of conscious breathing in depth. I will provide two exercises (Alignment & Belly Breathing) you can do right now that will pay huge dividends in ejaculation control for you. 
Did you know that when a man ejaculates too often, he loses some of his vitality, spirit, and his assertiveness? As a result, your lover may also become affected.
If you are a man looking for ways to conserve your energy and enhance the bliss of love making for you and your partner, it is very important that you learn how to cycle your sexual energy.                                
When you learn to circulate your sexual energy, so it can feed back into your relationships, it is a beautiful process of sharing and exchanging energies so both lovers feel awesome. For this reason, you have to let yourself have a playful attitude when working with cycling sexual energy.
When sexual energy is cycled properly, the woman feels completely fulfilled as a woman. 
When sexual energy is cycled properly, a man is able to feel totally centered in what it means to be a man. This is achieved by sharing his sexual energy in a way that benefits another person.
To flow between these moments of love’s blissful dance, without being overwhelmed by the desire to ejaculate, it is important to be conscious of your breathing. 
To help you go with this magical flow I want to invite you to practice the following alignment and belly breathing exercise. 

Alignment Exercise

(1) I invite you to sit comfortably. Pull your tailbone forward a little bit, with your abdomen gently pulled in. Your belly will go in a little bit like you are wearing a belt around your mid-section. 
(2) Next lift your shoulders up, then back and gently down. Now relax into this position.
(3) Bring your chin in a little bit and imagine there is a cord attached pulling at the top of your head that goes all the way down through your body to your tailbone. Find that alignment between these two points. You are doing this to align your body so that energy can move freely. 

Belly Breathing

(1) Place both of your hands on your belly. You are bringing your awareness to your belly button as you continue inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. 
(2) Inhale and exhale with the sound (Ahhh). A little more (Ahhh). Good. Now take a deep breath in and let out a long soft exhalation through your nose. Do this a couple more times to release the tension in your body.
(3) Now, I want you to continue this practice with your eyes closed. Inhale bringing your belly out– expand, and exhale completely – bringing your belly back in. 
(4) Allow long soft and slow inhalation through the nose as you expand your belly out counting to 7 – big belly, and exhale a long soft exhalation through your mouth, bringing your belly in counting to 7 while exhaling your last breath on7. Continue this for several minutes. Ideally, you will give yourself at least 3 to 5 minutes and work your way up to longer periods of time. 
At first, especially if you are used to sitting at a desk every day, these exercises might be a little challenging. Perhaps throughout your day (even at work) I encourage you to do this alignment practice. Once you are comfortably in this position, we will begin belly breathing. 
When your body is centered you are able to move more life-force energy through your body. Male sexual energy operates through the lower part of the body. It is like a direct current. The energy of the heart is like an alternative current. It is very subtle, and very different. As you can see, and will feel, this energy is a gift to yourself as well as a gift to others. 
When you control your breath and slow down, you will also learn the value of slowing down your lovemaking, which opens up a deeper connection between you and your partner. Connecting with your lover and going deeper through conscious breathing creates the space for you both to become one as you embrace in the totality of the moment.                      

Breathing Exercise to Control Ejaculation

As you reach Arousal Levels 8 and 9 it may become difficult to withhold your ejaculation. Here is a simple but highly effective breathing exercise to control your ejaculation. 
  1. Inhale through your belly, filling up your belly with air. 
  2. As you do this, tilt your head back and allow your chin to come up. 
  3. Exhale slowly through the nose while bringing your chin towards your chest.
  4. As you empty your belly of air, your chin should be touching your chest. 
I recommend you do this at least three times. You can do this when you are aroused, but this also helps when you are stressed and need to relax. 
If you feel a bit lightheaded, that’s ok. Allow yourself a moment before returning to masturbating, lovemaking or whatever task you are needed to relax from. At this point you will be clearheaded, focused, and ready to resume.  
The more you get to intimately know your stages of arousal the more in control of your ejaculation you will be when you are in the act of love making with your partner. What this means in relation to making love with your partner is that when you are masturbating, you are making love to yourself.  
By being in tune with your states of arousal, along with establishing a nice rhythm with your breathing, you can sustain the heightened levels of pleasure. Practicing this with yourself is an act of love and it will better prepare you to be in a conscious state of sharing this expansive energy with your partner.  
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“Radiate Love, breathe deeply, and relish each breath. Be blissful; life is meant to be lived in full, experiencing love and joy every day.

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